Carmen Ciobanu is a Romanian contemporary artist, born in Botosani in February 1991. Started painting from the age of 9, throughout the years the artist developed her painting method using mix media techniques and a unique way of portraying women as a symbol of beauty, gratitude and peace.

Carmen graduated from the Art College in Painting from Botosani and Art University in Graphics from Iasi and after continuing courses in Interior Design and Garden Design Academy in Romania.

The subjects used for her paintings are from real life. Vibrant colors are a must in her paintings, which constitutes the impact of the present moment. She uses various mediums such as oil, acrylic, and watercolor to create art. While working with these materials, she also enjoys the flexibility of applying them on different surfaces.
Her art was successfully displayed in galleries, homes, offices and even in gloomy spaces, extinguished of life like undergrounds and streets.

Now she is painting kids playgrounds in public parks, kindergardens and schools. Carmen is opening up her visualization through her art works, which are most of all portraits of mystery women who inspire her. In each piece she captures an inner moment, an attitude or a deep abundance of feelings.

She promoted Independent Women with pride and grace because she knows from experience how much hard work all women who succeed put in to get to the top. According to her, women are becoming more powerful and are taking control of their lives, that is why she wants to represent women as a universal symbol that can be used to express various moods and thoughts.

Her inspiration is taken from her ambition to showcase what is new, from people, nature, mystique, psychology, books and bring them to life.

She participated at some National and International exhibitions with a number of prizes from: Russia, Taiwan, Tokyo, France, China, Italy and accumulated 5 personal exhibitions throghout the years.

Her ambition in creation is higher than imagination.
“I love painting the same as I love myself. I think that what I choose to do represents my identity and value.”

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